How Do You Get Rid of Negative Thoughts?


how to get rid of negative thoughts

The fastest way to attract what you desire is to “feel like you have it now.”

No matter what, we all have negative thoughts or self-doubt from time to time. When those thoughts come, it is really hard to let it go and get back to a positive vibrational state.

I believe that getting rid of negative thoughts is often the most difficult but crucial part to making your desires into reality. In order to manifest what you truly want, you have to send out positive frequencies to the universe in a consistent manner. That’s what the law of attraction is all about.

So, I am asking this question to every one of you who is reading this post:

What do you do when negative thoughts or doubts threaten your positive momentum? What’s your method (tips) for getting back on track?

  2 Responses to “How Do You Get Rid of Negative Thoughts?”

  1. Expose yourself to negative emotions and face them. They can NEVER harm you. The more you face up to them the more you will realize this. Negative feelings then become less threatening and the cycle ceases.

  2. Try to observe how you feel carefully. This has always worked for me separating myself from my frustration and anger.

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